Activists, advocates, community leaders and those who play a leadership role in general...I am speaking to you. I see that you have devoted a big part of your life and your time to a cause. You spend hours of the day taking risks, being bold, openly standing for what you believe, exuding confidence and leading others. And you do a fine job at that. You were born for this. Its who you are. You are in the public eye for something that matters and you love. 

...and then there's the secret, not so public gnawing in your heart. The stress that no one sees: the exhaustion, the invisible paradox of wanting to be a leader and supporter in all you do but sometimes wanting to step back- be in the background- not attend every event, fundraiser and march. Skip a meeting and sleep in. You want to be a good ally, activist and advocate. You want to lead and be the role model that everyone sees you as. You also want a break. You want to hide and cry at how much is expected of you. You want hide your face from all those nights you've questioned yourself, felt low in confidence or even felt like a fraud.

You have figured out how to receive the accolades...but you never really let a compliment truly sink in. So many look to you for leadership, support and guidance...and on some days you enjoy it and others, you cannot figure out why they would. 

Your work is special. You, are a special person who has given time, energy and persistence to what matters not just to you but so many others . You lead others in society, your organization or office and your community. You deserve to feel good, be kind to yourself and not experience any secret struggle about any of it.

Therapy that is designed especially for someone like you and the work you do- therapy that respects and is sensitive to the dualities of being a leader and not always feeling like one- may just be the liberating and safe space you need to feel it all, understand it, change what you must and manage the rest and live your life like a leader who is a role model...but also human. 

Relief and freedom to be ALL that you are is possible.