My approach, no matter what and without exception, involves  collaborating with you .To begin, we will identify the life concerns that brought you in. Imagine walking in with a big duffel bag of your experiences that you choose to bring in. We will unpack it, look at what comes out and then repack it all by choosing what you want to keep and what you would like to be done with. 


Our conversations will unpack these life experiences that maybe confusing or hard to talk about , in two ways:

1. Practical: We will work together to identify some solutions to bring comfort to your day to day life sooner rather than later .

2. Depth: We will  engage in more in-depth exploration of what lies beneath the challenges that you may be experiencing. Thinking of the current challenges are little breadcrumbs leading us back to the core of it all. 

While the solutions will shine light on the strength that is already within you and bring you relief that you are likely craving, the in-depth exploration will help in preventing the same suffering from showing up in your life again and again. No band-aid solutions without deeper insight and no deep insight without practical tools to make changes. We cover it all. 


Science: Knowing what is happening in your brain and body often helps us feel a lot more clear on why we feel the way we feel, and what to do next to feel differently. When relevant, I may share some fun details about how your brain ticks, what it's doing in the moment that you are the most distressed and how to change that around. I may even explain why you feel the rock on your chest when stressed or why you seem to go from 0-100 when you're mad. The more aware you are about you, the more likely you are to make the changes you want.


Spirituality: When I say "spirituality", I really mean the anchoring and grounding belief that keeps you going, helps you make sense of your life and reminds you of what this life-thing is all about for you. Whether that is God or Santa Claus, I will not and do not judge. Its none of my business to tell you what you should/shouldn't believe.  If spirituality matters to you, we will incorporate YOUR spiritual beliefs into our work in ways that will help. 

Strategy: These are some handy-dandy tricks and tools that match the grand design of of your preferred way of living, that we will discover together. This is where the change really rests. We can talk about life and what it means forever, but if you don't see any benefit from all that deep insight when you are out there living life away from my office...insight will no longer matter. This is where we use insight and turn it into bite sized things for you to practice, should that be helpful to you!

Stuff: ("Stuff" ?! Who says "Stuff on their professional website???!!")

I know. I tried hard to find a fancier word for this but that would just be my attempt to sound like its bigger than it is. "Stuff" is where we will pull from all things-life. From the season finale of Walking Dead, to what your mom once said to you in your childhood, to current political and social events, your experiences at work or the weekly volleyball game you all matters. "Stuff"is where you may find yourself saying, "I didn't know that's where all of this came from!". 





We are constantly being influenced by our outsides and our insides and no two people have the same combination. Not even parent and child! My approach involves using it all in ways that can help you move forward. There is no one-size-fits-all method because you are not the same as the client I will see before or after you. My hour with you is tailor-made to fit you. Not the other way around. 


 What you can trust is that in my office, struggle is a strength we haven't fully understood as yet.Whether you express it through tears, wanting to punch the wall,dark humor or eating a family size bag of chips for dinner.... It will always be okay for you to not feel okay and no matter what shows up,we will find purpose behind it and follow it up by practicing something new. Whether you want weekly worksheets to keep you going in between sessions, are not a "homework person" or whether you want a  hybrid service of in-office and online sessions...we design it all, together. 

If this feels helpful to you or if you would like more information, I would love to hear from you!