therapy for prelicensed therapists out of graduate school


  On some days, you may  find yourself experiencing unimaginable levels of motivation. But on some days, you may contemplate quitting this field altogether/wondering why no one told you how difficult it is, to be standing in line to get the job that everyone else seems to get with ease. Then comes the shock at how little you may be promised in term of income in your first job or how frustrating it is to feel stifled by rules ad regulations that do not favor a prelicensee.  You may find yourself swing from the exhilaration of graduating to the despondence of long pauses. 

And then there is all the personal stuff- significant others needing time with you that you may not have to give, roommate and friends who may not understand why spending all day with kids in residential settings has left you irritable at the end of the day. Family members who are starting to seem different now that you have spent all this time understanding healthy boundaries, drawing out genograms and studying the DSM like your life depended on it. Your fiance may feel like "you've changed". 

Somedays, its all just too much. You may not be taking care of yourself like you would like or the stress of certain clients is leaving you feel drained and inadequate. Supervisors that don't understand you or the sinking feeling in your heart when you see a peer's Facebook as she celebrates her new job,new paycheck, getting licensed...

Don't let this time slide by and take the best parts of you with it, dear Prelicensed Therapist. Therapy can be the hour of solace in your life where you can freely explore and express. Its where you can redesign and reauthor life to match your preferred prelicense experience. Its where you can gather all the energy and strength you need to FLY....



fees and schedule

Mondays & Thursdays 2-8pm
Tuesdays 8-5pm
Wednesdays 8-5pm
Fridays 10-2pm

Fees: 75 dollars
(Lower fee slots maybe available)



Phone: 619-306-8581


therapy style

Practicing for 14 years in 2 continents, I pull from a wide range of skills and techniques. I am certified and practice from a Postmodern therapy lens while borrowing from other orientations as needed and relevant.