for Men who want to learn how to "fix it": solutions & strategies

If you are currently stressed and want to find solutions, a way to fix what's going on and learn what steps need to be taken so that you, your life and your relationships feel easier... you are in the right place. 


When I say stress, it can mean a number of things. You may notice that your significant other is always telling you how hurt s/he is even when you didn't intend to be hurtful. You're always feeling misunderstood! Or you may notice that every little thing has been irritating to you lately or that you go from 0-100 very quickly when someone makes you mad. You may notice that you want to be in a relationship...but you also want to be able to be YOU: Relax, watch TV, crack open a beer and maybe hang out with the guys without stress from your partner/significant other. But you can't seem to have both... It just doesn't work. You may even notice that you cant sleep well or that work is just feeling like a drag and you don't know how to come out of the funk you're in. All you know is that you're stressed.

 In my years of specializing in working with men, I have come to learn that society doesn't make it easy for you to express what's going on, does it? To be a man, you have to follow a certain man-code. Therapy, "talking about your feelings" or even acknowledging that you don't feel happy right now isn't easy. Everyone else  can cry... but you? You have to "man up".

Here's the deal. Whatever it is, there is a way for you live without this stress- tried and true ways to change what you want to change but may not know how to just yet.

The nuts and bolts of it all is simple.
Its the recognition that "I don't want to live this way" that's hard.If you're on this page, you likely have already recognized that.Now its about us teaming up, figuring out strategies that can help so that you can win the season and not just somehow survive  the game.  My style of working with men is one where not only will you get a female perspective of what is going on(its your ticket to understanding what can feel like foreign land!) but you will get no judgment and a a lot of understanding from someone who has spent years specializing in working with men.  Whatever you are going through, matters. Being understood, matters. 

If you are hoping to communicate better, feel happier, less stressed or find your purpose in life...lets talk.

Solutions exist.