Dear prelicensed therapist,

You may not know me yet, but know that I am in your corner. 

My name is Nam and I am a therapist just like you. I am on the other side of the Big Exams and have experienced the ebbs and flows that you likely are experiencing right now.

Regardless of where you are in your process, I imagine that there is a lot of waiting that you are typically engaging in; for intern numbers, for exam approvals, for a new job or a paycheck for the one you have,more clients, more free time...for this highly demanding time in your life to be over. 

This is a period of your career and life that often brings about a mixed bag of experiences and emotions from feeling pride and excitement on one day to disdain for the process and the dejection for the struggles, the next. It truly tests your grit.

 But there is an important part of you that this process may often cloud or fog over- your personal life.This process changes who we are and how we view the world.

Your relationships with significant others may change or even end, a lot of hidden family dynamics and traumas may surface without notice, you may find yourself experiencing power struggles with supervisors, squeezing in a meal here and there from a drive through or living on Starbucks beverages. 

I began creating a specific therapy service exclusive for prelicensed therapists while I still was one. A form of therapy that doesn't just focus on what being prelicensed is like for you professionally or what is going on in your personal life right now- but a service that truly combines, respects and attends to the blending of both. 

 The best therapists I know are typically those who are the most self aware(and they dont teach you that in grad school!) You spend a lot of time taking care of a lot of things right now- from clients to paperwork, to graduate school demands to friends and family that wish you could see more.

Are you taking care of your insides with just as much attentiveness and diligence as you are taking care of your career?

The therapy services I created are designed to specifically help with that. Not just the regular "self care to avoid burnout" or "building confidence" or "managing stress" stuff, but the deeper experiences that are begging to be attended to so that when you can freely walk in to your future.

You will feel  clear. You can be fully aware of what your triggers are, your wounds have been resolved and you know you better than anyone else ever will. You will have energy to be fully present to your clients and you have space to freely process your personal concerns in safe space where whether you kick and scream about your supervisor or contemplate ending a personal relationship, it is ALL okay. 

And if nothing, you know how to manage the stress that being Prelicensed secretly gifts us without us asking. 

My services have been designed for exactly where you are right now. And I have made sure to keep them affordable and easy to access. I have options for online services if you are in the State of California (just in case you don't want to risk running into your therapist at a local mental health event ) 

You matter. 

With all my support, 
LMFT # 95083

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