Trainings, graduate classes, practicum, supervision, midterms and finals, stress about where and when you will get your next placement, the 18 books you are required to read in a day...not to mention the connections you begin to make between what you study and personal real life. Every DSM disorder can seem applicable to at least one person in your family, your boyfriend may start wondering why you are so "emotional" lately. Your mom keeps telling you to eat and sleep more but those sound like luxuries with the schedule you have! You feel like you're gaining weight but can't figure out how to make time to be healthy. Your childhood smacks you in the face as you present you genogram at school or the Depression you know is in your family is slowly creeping in into your own life. 

This is the time, dear therapist-in-training, that you are no longer sitting in the waiting room of the ambition to become a therapist. Your name has been called and you are invited to RISE towards taking all the first steps to establishing a career in the field of therapy. While it may feel like grad school is all you need to sit in front of your first client, know that it often takes more than that. Sitting in front of client after client, for hours every can bring up a few personal things that you never thought would matter. 

Getting therapy for yourself now, can offer you an hour every week where your can work through all the stress, find strategies to manage it all better and make sure that when you land your first job, your new supervisor and boss are immediately impressed by how self aware, self assured and clinically sound you are. Not because you read those 18 books...but because you know yourself confidently and fully. 



fees & schedule

Mondays & Thursdays 2-8pm
Tuesdays 8-5pm
Wednesdays 8-5pm
Fridays 10-3pm

Fees: 60 dollars



Phone: 619-306-8581
Email: namtalkstherapy@gmail.com


therapy style

Practicing for 14 years in 2 continents, I pull from a wide range of skills and techniques. I am certified and practice from a Postmodern therapy lens while borrowing from other orientations as needed and relevant. I am familiar with most orientations, should you find that important to incorporate as you study new theories!