You are in  a situation that you cannot freely  share with most people and's consuming you in so many ways. It's like holding an invisible weight that you really wish you could put down, but can't. You may not even be sure you really want to.

I have created this specific therapy service for you because  being in a relationship with someone who isn't fully available is no easy task. It can be truly consuming of our attention and energy even when we don't want to think about it!  There may have been a time when you felt that you could do this -that it wouldn't hurt or be messy...and that has now changed. You don't know what to do next. You may even want to get out but then again, one text, one phone call and you feel you're back to wanting to stay. 

Thats what makes this so hard; that  we are taught to do everything in this world; from learning how to speak, read, write, drive a one teaches us "What to do When You Feel Stuck in a Relationship With a Married/Otherwise Attached Person".

There are websites and books out there for divorce, heartbreak, making relationships better.

There is no manual, no instruction book however to tell you "How to feel better when you are in a relationship no one can even know about". 

 You see, there isn't a Handbook for Secret Relationships or Feelings but there is a way for you to NOT feel the way you are. For you to feel free, happy and maybe even excited about your future again.

There is a way to not always be in second place...not be the "Other" in someone's world. I am not here to judge you...I have no reason or business to. I am not even here to convince you to stay or get out. I am here because I see where you are and I see that it isn't easy. 

We figure this out by going through some important, safe and open conversations about where you are in your life right now. Sometimes that means exploring "OMG! Why did I do this?" and other times it means something entirely different .  I have developed a 6 Phase Model that is exclusively designed to help someone in your position move from where you are, to where you want to be- whatever that maybe for YOU.

There are strategies, solutions and deep exploration that I would be happy to share with you. No matter what your preferences for the relationship you are in or even for yourself, the way things feel today, don't have to be long term. 

You don't have to feel like an "Other". 
-Because you matter.
Your happiness matters. 

Maybe you and I can team up and figure this out together?