...But I don't have one.

 I don't believe that for you to feel better or to know that I can help you, a formulaic tagline next to a smiling picture of me is enough. You are a unique person with your own way of seeing the world .For you to want to share your struggles with me, I must earn your trust first. That's what this site is about; trust, transparency and caring . No fluff,  no tagline. Just a lot of genuine sensitivity for what you are going through and clear and detailed information written to help you take your next steps easily. Below are three simple steps to take, to get a comprehensive idea of our work together.


Finding a therapist in San Diego that will make you feel like "She gets me"can be daunting.  I created this section to easily start that process. All you have to do is open the letter below, read on and see if you would like us to talk more. No strings. No stress. 


"Is she a good fit for me?"
This section has the answer! . If you have a struggle that is hard to talk about, I can help. This is where I break down exactly how that may happen using the specific approach that we will take to support you. 

types of services

I offer face to face sessions in San Diego as well as online sessions in the state of California. This is where you can find out about the 5 styles of therapy I offer. This is where you can pick how you would prefer to work with me!