pick your preferred therapy service


in office sessions

These sessions are for those who prefer face-to-face therapy. With a centrally located office in San Diego, my clients and I meet on a regular basis from every week to every other week for 60 min sessions. 75-90 min sessions available for therapy with loved ones or as needed.


online sessions

Using confidential video session services similar to Skype, we "meet" online. These services work well for those with conflicting schedules or live in the state of CA but not in San Diego. Therapy from the comfort of your home!Combination service of in-person and online sessions available.


therapy for one

This is a unique service for those who's significant other or family member cannot/refuses to come in for therapy. We still work on concerns about your relationship but with the focus on what you can change and how to help the relationship. Change is possible by working with whomever comes in- in this case, you. 


therapy for me & a loved one

This is a therapy service for you and the person/people you love. It works best when you are  experiencing struggle within a relationship that matters to you and the other/s are willing to come in for some specialized support. Couples, parents and adult children, best friends,siblings are all welcome!


themed therapy

This is a workshop styled service focusing on a specific theme. I currently have openings for following:
Finding Me Before We-8 week service with a handbook/worksheets provided for single adults interested in understanding and changing their relationship patterns. Can be done in a group or individually.